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Most Wanted Solution ( Samsung & Many Brand ) backup Data Or Read Password From Locked  Devices . 

Solution is very expensive we made it cheap , cheapest price in World  . 

1pc unlimited use for all model supported with future updates and warranty to change pc after change windows or format hard disk .


Supported model for samsung : 

Note 10 (N970F)

Note 10 Plus (N975F)

Note 9 (N960F-N960N)

S10+ (G975F)

S10 (G973F)

S10E (G970F)

S7 (G930F-G930W8-G930K-G930L-G930S)

S7+ (G935F-G935W8-G935K-G935S-G935L)

S6 Edge (G925F-G925Y)

A10 (A105F)

A20 (A205F-A205G)

A20E (A202F)

A30 (A305F -A305G)

A30S (A307FN-A307GN)

A40 (A405FN)

A40S (A3050)

A50 (A505F-A505FN-A505G-A505U)

A51 (A515F)

M20 (M205F-M205FN-M205G-M205M)

M21 (M215F)

M30 (A3050-A3051-A3058-A305F)

C9 PRO (C9000)

A8+ (A730F)

A8 2018 (A530N-A530W-A530F)

A8 2016 (A810F-A810YZ-A810S)

A7 2017 (A720F-A720S)

A7 2018 (A750F-A750FN-A750G-A750GN)

A6 (A600F-A600FN -A600P-A600A-A600G-A600P-A600T1 )

A5 2017 (A520F-A520K-A520L-A520S-A520W)

A3 2016 (A310F)

A3 2017 (A320F-A320FL-A320Y)

A2 CORE (A260G-A260F)

J2 Core (J260A-J260F-J260G-J260M-J260T1)

J7 2018 (J737U)

J7 Duo (J720F)

J7 Prime2 (G611F-G611FF-G611K-G611M-G611MT)

J3 2018 (J337AZ-J337P-J337T-J337U-J337VPP-J337W)

J3 Prime 2017 (J327T-J327T1)

J4 (J400F-J400G-J400M-J400GF)

J6 (J600F-J600FN)

J7 Pro (J730F-J730FM-J730G-J730GM)

J7 Prime (G610F-G610M-G6110Y)

J7 Prime 2017 (J727T1-J727T-J727R4-J727V-J727A-J727AZ-J727P-J727VPP)

J7 Core (J701F)

J7 Neo (J701M)

J7 (J700F-J700H-J700M-J700P-J700T-J700T1)

J5 Pro (J530F-J530G-J530Y-J530FM-)

J5 Prime (G570Y-G570F-G570M)

Tab A (T580-T585-P580)

Tab Advanced2 (T583)

Tab Pro 12.2 (T900)

On5 (G550T1)

Xcover (G889A)

Xcover 4 (G390F-G390Y)

View2 (T927A)
and many other models. 

FRP ON : OEM ON Any Bit All supported and Tested 100% Working 





Following Chipset Can Be Done  Too

MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8952, MSM8953,  MT6580, MT6737,MT6739, MT6753 . Like ( Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Vivo, Asus any device has those Chipsets 

And Many Many More Hidden Features Very Useful . 


After place order we send you files and login to your computer by team viwer 


You need extern flash drive 2Gb to 16gb

You need good Pc 8GB Ram & I5 Cpu Min



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